21-23 February 2018

Thematic sections

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Technologies of livestock and poultry farming:

  • Housing for livestock and poultry keeping;
  • Equipment for livestock housing;
  • Equipment for poultry;
  • Equipment for pig breeders;
  • Equipment for feeding and watering;
  • Equipment for milking and milk cooling;
  • Techniques and equipment for microclimate creation



  • Veterinary medicaments;
  • Biological preparations and instruments;
  • Biological security of livestock farms.


Forage production and storage:

  • Forage harvesting machinery and equipment;
  • Equipment for forage production and storage;
  • Forage and feed additives.



  • Instruments and materials for artificial fertilization;
  • Genetic material;
  • Embryo transplantation;
  • Equipment for pregnancy diagnostics


Equipment for products processing and storage.

Technologies and equipment for fish production.

Equipment for manure removal and waste management.

Equipment for laboratories, measurement instrumentation and automatic control systems.

Services and information.

Mass media and press.

Exhibition program features:

  • Conferences, seminars, round tables;
  • Press conferences, business meetings;
  • Presentations of national and foreign companies