19-21 February 2019

International exhibition of effective animal husbandry and poultry breeding

National Exposition of the Netherlands 2019

AGRICO UKRAINE LLC import of high-quality seed potatoes (class «E») from the Netherlands; multiplication of seed potatoes by own professional farm;
cultivation of table potatoes for sale to retail chains;
agronomic support in cultivation and storing potatoes

www.agrico.com.ua 1C351
Industrial Cooling Solutions individual projects for storage of fruit and vegetable production www.incools.com 1C354
Bejo Ukraine LLC wholesales of the vegetables seeds

www.bejo.ua 1C355
Berdex Carrosserie- & Handelsonderneming B.V semitrailers and trucks for the transport of pigs and feed www.berdex.nl 1C332
Cehave Korm Ltd. premixes, concentrates and complete feed for professional pigs, cattle and poultry farmers

http://nuscience.com.ua 1C356
Difco International B.V. development and management of agricultural projects in emerging market in the following fields:
Milk production,
Crop production, Meat production,
Poultry production

www.difco.nl 1C357
Dutch-Ukrainian Dairy Center (DUDC) a three years project of the Dutch Government aimed at helping Ukrainian dairy industry to increase the quality and quantity of milk produced as well as finalize institutional reform www.dudc.info 1C353
HZPC HOLLAND B.V. professional breeding and potato seeds production

hzpc.com.ua 1C344
Zakhidni molochni tekhnologiyi equipment for dairy farms, forage seeds, provides professional technological support to dairy producers with assistance of international experts zmt.in.ua 1C341
Kanters liquid nutritional supplements for supporting animal health and preventing the use of antibiotics

www.kanters.nl 1C352
Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. supplier of equipment and systems for the poultry processing industry

www.meyn.com 1C333
Fresh Engineering Group/ Mooij Agro/ Prinsen individual solutions for storing and post-harvest processing of fresh produce www.mooij-agro.com, www.prinsenbv.com, www.freg.in.ua 1C343
TOLSMA UKRAINE represents in Ukraine such companies as Tolsma, Grisnich, Kiremko, RayTec, Sormac, FAM and Jasa - leading producers of equipment for storage, pre-processing and processing of potatoes and vegetables

www.tolsma.com.ua 1C342
Ottevanger Milling Engineers production equipment and processing lines for the grain processing and feed industry www.ottevanger.com 1C331