19-21 February 2019

International exhibition of effective animal husbandry and poultry breeding

National Exposition of Denmark 2019

ACO FUNKI A/S Manufacturer of livestock equipment for pig housing. www.acofunki.com
BREEDERS OF DENMARK A/S Supplier of Danish breeding pigs. www.breedersofdenmark.dk
JYDEN BUR A/S Full line solutions and components for both pig and cattle production. www.jyden.com
LACHENMEIER MONSUN A/S Manufacture of equipment for grain storage, animal feed and biomass. www.lachenmeier-monsun.com
SKIOLD UKRAINE, LLC Manufacturer of modern equipment for feed production, feeding systems and ventilation. www.skiold.com
SKOV A/S Systems of ventilation and microclimate. www.skov.com
VENGSYSTEM A/S Manufacturer of ventilation systems and microclimate systems for animals. www.vengsystem.dk
VILOMIX UKRAINE, LLC Manufacture of premixes. www.vilomix.ua