19-21 February 2019

National Exposition of Denmark 2018

BREEDERS OF DENMARK A/S Supplier of Danish breeding pigs. 1A464 www.breedersofdenmark.dk
JYDEN BUR A/S Full line solutions and components for both pig and cattle production. 1A462 www.jyden.com
LACHENMEIER MONSUN A/S Manufacture of equipment for grain storage, animal feed and biomass. 1A463 www.lachenmeier-monsun.com
European manufacturer of modern equipment for feed production, feeding systems and ventilation. 1A452 www.skiold.com
SKOV A/S Systems of ventilation and microclimate. 1A461 www.skov.com
VENGSYSTEM A/S Manufacturer of ventilation systems and microclimate systems for animals. 1A453 www.vengsystem.dk
VILOMIX UKRAINE, LLC Manufacture of premixes. 1A451 www.vilomix.ua
DANBRED Leader on the sale of breeding Danish livestock market in Europe and Ukraine. 1А454 www.danbredint.dk